Republicans and Democrats Reach Impasse on Obamacare

Government Shutdown Here We Come

The state of play for the battle over Obamacare, as of this writing, is thus: The Senate has passed to the House a “clean” continuing resolution that funds all of the government through November 15. The House has passed it right back with some conditions.

According to Pajamas Media, this includes a one year delay of Obamacare, a repeal of the tax of medical devices, and an opt out provision so that business owners with religious objections will not have to provide birth control, sterilization, or abortion medication in their employee health insurance programs. There is also a separate bill that will pay for the salaries of military personnel.

The added provisions are reasonable. It is clear that Obamacare is not ready to be implemented and if it is on October 1, disaster will likely follow. The tax on medical devices is a horrific burden on people who are dependent on them and will, besides, inhibit innovation. The requirement that people provide birth control is certainly a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Naturally the White House is threatening a veto. Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, is screaming, “Anarchists!” “Obstructionists!” and “Radicals!”

And so, as it stands as of this writing, a government shutdown is all but inevitable. Sen. Ted Cruz and his allies must be a little bemused. If the whole point of not defunding Obamacare was to avoid a government shutdown, then how are we faced with one anyway?

Of course the impasse comes from two conflicting views on what a shutdown will mean.

Obama and the Democrats are counting on a replay of 1995 in which Americans blamed Republicans. Republicans, on the other hand, are counting on Americans to be so appalled that the Democrats are being so unreasonable that they’ll side with the Republicans.

On the one hand the Democrats have the president and the media on their side. On the other the Republicans have the facts and polling data that suggests that, however appalled they might be by a government shutdown, they are as equally if not more so appalled by Obamacare.

The takeaway is this is what we bought when we reelected Obama. What were we thinking?

Defund or Delay ObamaCare!  Vote Now!

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