Congress Should Be Fired for Inability to Make a Decision

Congress GUESS WHAT!!!

In nearly any other industry, if the top-level management failed to make decisions and that failure resulted in an enormous loss of money and business for the company, there would be mass firings. But if it’s the government who is failing to make a decision and the children of military troops and those on Native American reservations, we apparently either re-elect them or elect others just like them.
According to Reuters , ongoing bickering between Republicans and Democrats in Congress to figure out a replacement for automatic spending cuts that will go in force in January isn’t just making for interesting soundbites and news articles. It’s causing deep cuts to staff and programs for schools, particularly those that are located on federal lands such as military bases and on reservations where the government makes up the lack of property tax revenues to fund the education system.
While these schools, which serve around 11 million public school students, are already affected, if Congress is unable to make a decision within the next four months, all of the other schools will feel the crunch next year as well. Meanwhile, as the schools begin opening their doors for another year, Congress has gone on a five-week vacation, meaning there won’t be any work done on passing replacements to the spending cuts any time soon.
And school kids aren’t the only ones in a lurch. Congress went on their vacation as much of the nation faced drought, according to a report by the Associated Press . Ranchers won’t receive federal aid until the vacation ends and legislation regarding that aid is passed. For many, the help will be too late; the money and the ranch will be gone.
Congress is doing all it can these days to live up to its bad reputation. But what it really needs to be doing is holding off on vacations, putting down the partisanship and working for the people that pay its wages.

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